Welcome to the Nano eNabler and the World of Molecular Printing

The Nano eNabler nano printer is a scientific instrument that enables even novice users to deposit almost any material on almost any surface in almost any pattern with nanometer resolution at spot sizes down to 1 micron in diameter.  This equates to spot volumes of femto- to attoliter, several orders of magnitude less in volume and size than contact or inkjet printers.

For reference purposes, if a cell is a person, a contact and ink jet printer would make depositions the size of a typical office, while the Nano eNabler would make depositions the size of a wristwatch. Plus, the Nano eNabler is much faster and more reliable than AFM-based dip pen printers.

So what does all of that mean for potential users? For one, it allows researchers to make spots on the sub cellular level, vitally important if you want to give a single cell a chance to contact a variety of materials. Not knowing your industry or your needs make it difficult to speak specifically to your potential applications, but some additional circumstances where making extremely small spots would be beneficial include:

  • Printing a test directly on a CCD pixel
  • Conserving a limited amount of material
  • Repairing imperfections from a larger print technology
  • Printing polymers as circuits
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