Surface Patterning Tool (SPT™ print cartridge)

An SPT™ print cartridge (Surface Patterning Tool) is a microcantilever-based micro-fluidic handling device. SPT™ print cartridge contain either a single microcantilever print head or a 1-D array of microcantilevers for simultaneous printing of multiple molecular species. They also contain an integrated microfluidic network that transports fluid samples from macroscale reservoirs located on the SPT™ print cartridge substrate through microchannels to the distal end of the cantilever. Thus SPT™ print cartridges can be envisioned as the molecular ?ink cartridges? for our desktop molecular printer, the Nano eNabler™ system. SPT™ print cartridges can be used to print materials that include biological samples such as proteins, DNA, RNA, and whole viruses, as well as non-biological samples such as chemical solutions, colloids and particle suspensions. The printed spot size ranges from 1um to 30um in diameter and depend upon SPT™ print cartridge geometry, substrate surface chemistry and printing conditions. BioForce Nanosciences Inc. supplies a variety of different SPT™ print cartridges  to meet a broad range of customer needs and can also provide custom SPT™ print cartridge design and fabrication.

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