Printing Non-Polar Polymers Using the BioForce Nano eNabler Open Channel Micro-patterning Tool

William Montes and Thomas C. Marsh,  University of St. Thomas, Dept. of Chemistry

The Nano eNabler (NeN) is a versatile micro/nano-scale printing tool for creating arrays of materials with high precision and accuracy.  An open channel microfluidic device is used to deliver very small volumes of solution to a surface.  The majority of current applications for the NeN are focused on creating patterns of water-soluble polymers, biomolecules, viral particles and living cells on various surfaces.  In order to use the NeN for creating arrays of non-polar molecules, a suitable solvent with low vapor pressure is required.  This work describes the development of a sample preparation method and instrument parameters that enable printing arrays of polystyrene (PS) and polymethylmethacrylate (PMMA) onto substrates such as SiO2, Au, Mica and Indium Tin Oxide.

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