Nanopatterning using the BioForce Nano eNabler

NATO Advance Study Institute: Functionalized Nanoscale Materials, Devices, and Systems for Chem-Bio Sensors, Photonics, Energy Generation and Storage, Sinaia, Romania, June 4-15, 2007.

K.I. Arshak, O. Korostynska, and C. Cunniffe

Electronics and Computer Engineering Dept, University of Limerick, Ireland

Abstract. This paper discusses the opportunities, offered by novel nanopatterning facilities, namely, BioForce NanoeNablerTM (NeN), in the area of sensors development, with the focus on microsensor arrays for biological, environmental and medical fields. The NeN can deliver attolitre to picolitre volumes of liquid, such as small molecules, biomolecules, including proteins and nucleic acids, nanoparticles, reactive solutions and so forth, with a high degree of spatial accuracy. It is envisaged that the reduction in the sensors size would result in their new advanced functionalities.

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