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Cellular Responses to Micropatterns of an Extracellular Matrix Protein

By Prof. Jan H. Hoh, Johns Hopkins School of Medicine In multicellular organisms cells have highly specialized functions that depend on signals from their local microenvironment.  Understanding the relationship between these signals and the cellular responses requires the ability to quantify them.  In many simple cases there are direct ways for doing so, such as measuring the […]

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Factors and Deliberations in the Creation/Application of Microenvironments for Cell Studies

By Dr. Jim Johnson, Ph.D., Senior Scientist, BioForce Nanosciences, Inc. Cell biology studies involving the manipulation, perturbation or detection of material in and near small clusters or even single eukaryotic cells have importance in cell science.  The means to place, affix and manipulate cells became available with advances in MEMs technology and microcontact printing, surface chemistries […]

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Biomolecular Printing for Biosensor and Biointerfacial Applications

Prof. Nathaniel C. Cady College of Nanoscale Science & Engineering University at Albany Spatial control of biomolecules is critically important for the development of biosensors and for studying cellular interactions with surfaces.  Precision patterning of biomolecules onto sensor surfaces requires detailed knowledge of both surface properties and the interactions between the printed molecules and the substrate […]

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Cell Compatiable Multicomponent Protein Arrays with Subcellular Feature Resolution

Dr. Ying Mei Department of Chemical Engineering Massachusetts Institute of Technology Recent developments in micro- and nanoscale technology have enabled the generation of extracellular-matrix (ECM) protein microarrays with well-defined geometries. These patterned surfaces have shown utility for the study and control of a variety of cellular behaviors. In particular, the patterning of proteins with feature […]

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