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Biomolecule Spotting Buffers

Nano eNabler Reagent Kits Accelerate Your Printing With Optimized Reagent Kits One Kit, Five Spotting Solutions, Limitless Possibilities Spend less time optimizing and more time publishing

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Nano eNabler Product Sheet

Benchtop Molecular Printer Sensor Functionalization Lab-on-a-Chip Cell Patterning You don’t just have one application idea, you have several – and you need a versatile surface patterning instrument that will allow you to explore all of the possibilities. The Nano eNabler can help turn those concepts into reality, so you can move ahead to the next […]

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Custom Surface Patterning Service

Problem:  You need a custom pattern printed onto a surface for a grant or proof-of-concept study, and you do not have access to a Nano eNabler or Cyto eNabler in your lab. Solution:  Let BioForce help design, optimize, and print those patterned surfaces for you.

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