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Application Note 203 – “Speed Printing”; or, printing in “No Laser Mode” with the Nano eNabler System™

Although using the laser for printing arrays controls the “contact force” of the cantilever on the substrate and this is useful for highly quantitative applications; however, applications, such as printing arrays for cell binding, do not require a consistent contact force. Because consistent contact force requires the laser and subsequent associated processing time, printing in […]

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Application Note 204 – Employing alternate angle SPT holders

The standard SPT holder that comes with the Nano eNabler system™ holds the SPT at a 12° angle with respect to the surface. Smaller spots with better morphology and closer spacing can be achieved by using optional, alternate angled SPT holders that hold the cantilever at 24°, 36°, or 48°.  Liquids may also be dispensed […]

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Application Note 201 – Indexing cells on substrates utilizing the Nano eNabler™

Indexing living, eukaryotic cells to discrete, addressable loci on surfaces is critical to furthering studies of development, differentiation, response to stimuli, cell-cell communication, regeneration, and in forms of bioelectronics, suturing and tissue replacement. This can be accomplished by employing the Nano eNabler™ to generate arrays of extra-cellular matrix proteins (ECM’s) on APTES-aldehyde, epoxysilane, or polystyrene […]

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