SPT-S-C30R – 5 Pack (10um-30um spot size)



The SPT™ surface patterning tool is the “ink cartridge” for the Nano eNabler™ system. Each SPT print cartridge is a microcantilever-based microfluidic sample handling and delivery device. SPTs contain either a single microcantilever print head or multiple microcantilevers for simultaneous printing of multiple molecular species or materials. The integrated microfluidic network transports fluid samples from reservoirs located on the SPT print cartridge through microchannels to the distal end of the cantilever. Thousands of spots can be printed with one load. SPT print cartridges can be used to print materials that include biological samples such as proteins, DNA, RNA, whole viruses, and non-biological samples such as chemical solutions, colloids and particle suspensions. Sample can be either front loaded or back loaded onto single cantilever SPT print cartridge. SPT print cartridges are disposable, eliminating any requirement for labor intensive cleaning and risk of cross contamination inherent in re-use. For some experiments, SPT print cartridges may be cleaned in BioForce’s UV/Ozone ProCleaner™ for re-use.

BioForce Nanosciences Inc. supplies a variety of different SPT print cartridges to meet a broad range of customer needs and can also provide custom SPT design and fabrication.

The SPT-S-C30R printing spot size ranges from 10um to 30um and depending on surface chemistry and printing parameters such as: contacting force, dwelling time, humidity etc. The SPT-S-C30R has a single cantilever that prints the full range of spot size: 10um – 30um. The spot diameter CV is about five percent.

Additional information

Weight 0.10 lbs
Cantilever Length

300 um

Cantilever Width

30 um

Cantilever Thickness

2 um

Spot Range Size

10 um – 30 um