Nano eNabler Upgrade Offer

BioForce has introduced a new state-of-the-art Nano eNabler (NeN) system, model 5.0, which features an Intel i7 processor, Windows 8.1 operating system, a high-resolution USB camera and a more advanced version of the Nanoware software that fully leverages the new system’s processing power.

Due to the fact that the previous model was built on a Windows XP platform, Microsoft’s recent decision to no longer support this system could severely limit the lifespan of previous generation Nano eNablers. Therefore, to provide an upgrade path to Windows 8.1 without the $155,000.00 USD cost of a new NeN, BioForce is offering to deliver and install the system 5.0 components for $45,000.00 USD.

Every system upgrade will include a 6-month warranty on all new components and serve as an opportunity to train new users, get a system tune up or receive advanced training on the latest Nano eNabler techniques. In addition, Windows 8.1 is fully supported by Microsoft with updates and security patches to keep networking safe.

If you have any questions regarding this upgrade opportunity, contact Judi Insley, BioForce Customer Relations Manager at (515) 233-8333 or via email at

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