BioForce Nanosciences Partners With Logical Products, Inc.

AMES, IA, November 1, 2012 — BioForce Nanosciences (“BioForce”) is pleased to recognize its one-year business relationship with Logical Products Incorporated (“LPI”), an ISO 9001 OEM manufacturer of electronic and scientific products and equipment. LPI has produced and processed over 100 of BioForce’s ProCleaner™ UV/Ozone cleaners to the highest quality standards of an ISO 9001 facility. “The production of our ProCleaner™ products in the LPI ISO 9001 facility sets BioForce apart for exceptional quality and reliable performance in our products”, noted Kerry Frey, BioForce’s President and CEO.

The ProCleaner™ and ProCleaner™ Plus are full size devices used for the decontamination and cleaning of AFM tips, SPR chips, QCM sensors, small tools and surfaces; in addition to oxidizing silicon, glass, gold, PDMS, and plastics. With over 8 years of sales history and a reputation for high quality products coupled with affordable pricing, researchers worldwide have been raving about our popular ProCleaner™ line of products which have been cited by researchers in over 125 scientific papers.

The greatest advantages of the ProCleaner™ line of products are prices which are significantly lower than comparable plasma cleaners, greater and wider range of versatility than small “garage” produced type cleaners, and a long term reputation for quality and service.

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