BioForce Nanosciences embraces a virtual business model to accommodate international business growth.

Since its emergence from financial restructuring, BioForce Nanosciences has realized a newly invigorated demand for its durable and consumable products. The company, which specializes in molecular printing and cleaning instruments, took the increased demand as a sign that it needed a new business model to better meet the needs of this growing customer base. Like many companies moving to respond to increased demands that extend internationally, BioForce Nanosciences dispensed with the traditional brick and mortar business model in favor of a tightly integrated network of operation.

BioForce Nanosciences President Kerry Frey states, “The growing international demands and new prospects made this new business model an easy choice. Given the specialized and scientific nature of our business and products, we realized that we were spending more time at client sites, delivering face-to-face consultations, and found ourselves less in need of the traditional business address.”

Like many smaller vertical market companies, BioForce Nanosciences has embraced an operational model that places emphasis on aligning professional experts with its customers. Companies like this one recognize the reliance on technology to bridge connections with customers, but Frey recognizes the importance of the human element and personal connections to building lasting relationships.

“Given the scientific specialization of our products and specific applications of molecular printing and cleaning products, our scientific and research experts are making themselves available precisely when our customers need them most, whether that’s on-site or remotely,” says Frey. “While we are considered the experts in this scientific field, it is our attentiveness to relationships that we think will help us continue to expand our reach globally and significantly open up further business opportunities for us.”

Focusing on the company’s core scientific strengths, BioForce Nanosciences now operates via a tightly integrated and highly networked company with a flat organizational structure and efficient decision-making. Kerry explains that they’ve met the challenge of delivering the operational excellence associated with a larger company into a new smaller company model, such as ISO 9001 certifications among other good manufacturing practices. More importantly, the company has been able to significantly enhance its capabilities from manufacturing to distribution to scientific support while managing costs and communicate those benefits with customers.

When we asked which business model he preferred moving forward, there was little question that he favors the new model. Frey states, “We have some of the industry’s foremost experts in the field with the ability to service accounts like never before. What’s not to like? Our new operational flexibilities are helping to build a level of confidence with our customers that we think larger, more complex companies wish they could achieve.

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