The Nano eNabler™ system allows the deposition of minute quantities of liquids at defined locations with high spatial accuracy and high speed.

The whole spectrum of applications of this technology is still being explored, but here are some domains that already benefit from it.

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Surface Patterning for Cell Cultures

Patterned substrates can be used for the study of fundamental biological phenomena utilizing the Nano eNabler system.

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ViriChip™ System

A fast, non-destructive and label-free virus detection platform based on the capabilities of the Nano eNabler™ system.

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Biosensor Functionalization

The Nano eNabler system can be used to functionalize transducing domains in a large variety of biosensors.

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Small Volume Biomolecular Assays

Biomarker detection and quantification are a good example of small-volume assays with applications including cancer detection, staging, monitoring and toxicity detection.

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Drug Discovery

Leveraging the nanoscale capabilities of the Nano eNabler system to enable novel methods of drug discovery.

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Business Development

BioForce Nanosciences, Inc. is actively seeking partnership with life science companies in the following areas: Licensing, Collaborations, and Custom Development.

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