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Femtolitre chemistry assisted by microfluidic pen lithography

Carlos Carbonell1, Kyriakos C. Stylianou1, Jordi Hernando2, Emi Evangelio1, Sarah A. Barnett3, Saju Nettikadan4, Inhar Imaz1 & Daniel Maspoch1,5 Chemical reactions at ultrasmall volumes are becoming increasingly necessary to study biological processes, to synthesize homogenous nanostructures and to perform high- throughput assays and combinatorial screening. Here we show that a femtolitre reaction can be realized […]

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Nanopatterning using the BioForce Nano eNabler

NATO Advance Study Institute: Functionalized Nanoscale Materials, Devices, and Systems for Chem-Bio Sensors, Photonics, Energy Generation and Storage, Sinaia, Romania, June 4-15, 2007. K.I. Arshak, O. Korostynska, and C. Cunniffe Electronics and Computer Engineering Dept, University of Limerick, Ireland Abstract. This paper discusses the opportunities, offered by novel nanopatterning facilities, namely, BioForce NanoeNablerTM (NeN), in […]

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Microsensors Arrays Manufacture Using the Nano eNabler

8th IEEE Conference on Nanotechnology (IEEE NANO) Arlington, TX, USA, August 18-21, 2008 O. Korostynska, K. Arshak, E. Gill, and A. Arshak Microelectronics and Semiconductor Research Centre, University of Limerick, Ireland Abstract.  Novel method for microarrays manufacture using BioForce NanoeNablerTM was successfully employed for developing sensors for biomedical applications, namely pH and glucose monitoring. It […]

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