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Nano eNabler™ System Catalog

Catalog describing detailed specifications of the Nano eNabler™ system, SPT™ print cartridges, and Sindex™ chips. This catalog also provides an explanation of the FEMTO™ (Fluidics Enhanced Molecular Transfer Operation) process, an overview of the software, and data from some of the most popular applications.

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Surface Patterning Tool (SPT™ print cartridge)

An SPT™ print cartridge (Surface Patterning Tool) is a microcantilever-based micro-fluidic handling device. SPT™ print cartridge contain either a single microcantilever print head or a 1-D array of microcantilevers for simultaneous printing of multiple molecular species. They also contain an integrated microfluidic network that transports fluid samples from macroscale reservoirs located on the SPT™ print […]

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Sindex™ chip brochure

The Sindex™ chip is a 4x4mm silicon substrate containing topographically defined pads that are arrayed within an alphanumeric indexing system. The pads are flat and smooth, making them ideal for fluorescence microscopy and atomic force microscopy. The indexing system allows precise location and relocation of specific positions on the chip. The surface can be coated with different […]

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Cellular Micropatterning

Cellular Micropatterning: The Nano eNabler System How much more would you discover with the ability to expose your cells to complex patterns of sub-cellular sized spots of ECM proteins, growth factors, antibodies, nucleic acids, and other molecules?

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Biosensor Functionalization

Biosensor Functionalization: The Nano eNabler System Now that you have developed a new micro or nanoscale sensor technology, how do you plan to add the biomolecular affinity reagents needed to turn it into a useful biosensor?

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