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Application Note 113 – Deposition of Oligonucleotides using the Nano eNabler™ System

Gene expression analysis using DNA microarrays [1] has become a standard tool for profiling disease states and monitoring efficacy of therapeutic agents. Typical spotted microarrays have relatively large oligonucleotide spots measuring 100-200 um, so a reduction in spot diameter presents an opportunity to reduce sample volume requirements, improve binding kinetics, and possibly even eliminate the […]

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Application Note 112 – Ultramicroscale Patterning of UV Curable Adhesive

The Nano eNabler™ system is used to deposit femtoliter volumes of a UV curable adhesive onto a silicon Sindex™ chip. This capability has applications in the MEMS and semiconductor industries for the bonding of intricate microfabricated parts and surface mount microelectronic components, as well as underfilling of dies. UV curable adhesives may also be mixed with […]

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Application Note 108 – Multipurpose Surface Patterning Tools

This application describes some of the salient features of the ensemble of proprietary SPT™ print cartridges we have developed for a variety of purposes. SPT™ print cartridges are compatible with biomaterials and non-biological materials, allowing them to place, position and pattern a broad range of materials on surfaces.

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Application Note 101- Delivery of Reactive Solutions to Ultramicro Domains

The Nano eNabler™ system is used to directly deliver attoliter to picoliter quantities of an etchant to a gold surface. The result is the production of ultraminiaturized holes in the gold surface, revealing the silicon substrate beneath. This process can be used to create microwells, ultramicrostructures, localized catalytic or inert domains, and ultramicroscale structural elements for […]

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