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Product Description

Our UV ozone cleaner, ProCleaner™ Plus system removes molecular levels of contamination to ensure the cleanest possible SPTs, AFM probes and surfaces. BioForce Nanosciences has established a winning reputation with the research community for over a decade. BioForce is known for having a superior product and a manageable price.

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Technical Specifications

Weight 15.00 lbs
Voltage* (required)

110V, 220V

Maximum sample height


UV ozone coverage area

4” x 5” (100mm x 125mm)

Benefits of BioForce’s UV/Ozone ProCleaner™ System

Continually produces sharper high resolution imagesCompact footprint of unit
Consistently cleans organic contamination
Advanced lamp strength
Available in 110V AC or 220V AC
Lightweight, rugged design
UV resistant pedestal for positioning versatility
Safety interlock and indicator lights
Saves money by successfully reusing tips and probes
Pays for itself within 90 days of routine use

Applications for BioForce’s UV-Ozone ProCleaner™ Plus System

Cleaning molecular contamination from SPTs, AFM tips and surfaces
Curing UV-adhesives
UV photopatterning of SAM surfaces
Oxidizing PDMS
Surface sterilization
Etch, pattern, sharpen
Clean MEMS devices

Surfaces and Substrates Commonly Used

Silicon nitride
MEMS surfaces