Photoetched Rectangular Cover Slips (25 Pack)



Each cover slip has a photoetched grid of alphanumerically labeled 600 micron x 600 micron squares. These cover slips are an ideal substrate for surface patterning with the Nano eNabler™ system, and they are particularly useful for cell culture.

Material: Corning 0211 Cover Glass is a potash, soda, zinc borosilicate glass. Strong chemical durability, uniformity & thinness are attributes. A thin glass with a fire polished surface making it suitable for applications without requiring the polishing and grinding process. Color is water white clear, which boasts excellent transmittance.

Thickness: #2 (0.19-0.25mm)

520 unique alphanumeric coded grids

Each square measures 0.6 x 0.6mm (grid size of approx. 600 microns square)

Line Thickness: .02mm Packed 25 per case

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